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Let's talk tenant power

Tenants facing evictions, mass rent increases, and displacement call for the launch of a TENANTS UNION!

The Vancouver Tenants Union seeks to build a base of tenants throughout the city to establish political power to create change. We are fighting for the rights of tenants and the preservation of affordable housing. Everyone, regardless of class, lifestyle, ability, age, gender, race, sexuality, or citizenship deserves a safe, secure, and affordable home.

Vancouver tenants comprise 50% of the population yet feel disempowered and disconnected. In an effort to address this, the Vancouver Tenants Union is committed to educating renters on their rights and standing up to landlords and developers who persistently compromise our security and livelihood.

We Demand:

  • Real Rent Control
  • Eviction Protections
  • More Housing and Better Incomes for All

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Who we are

We are the 50% in this city and we are tired of feeling isolated and powerless. We are angry and exhausted by massive rent increases, evictions/renovictions/demovictions, and constant displacement.

So we are coming together

It is our collective power that will bring change to this city, these unceded lands, and beyond. When we stand together, across neighbourhood and class lines, when we offer support, ideas, knowledge and solidarity, change happens. We are building a base of power to unit and challenge the system to become more equitable and just for all.

No Displacement on Stolen Native Land

We acknowledge that we are organizing, living, and resisting on unceded Coast Salish territories, specifically of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh nations. We recognize that displacement and gentrification are part of the larger colonial and capitalist systems that occupy these lands. Fighting for tenants rights, is a fight for housing justice for all. No more displacement on stolen Native land!

Who we are